Scotts Valley Police Department
Media Bulletin for Tuesday, January 13, 2015

08:10 Commerical Burglary 1501140025
Occurred at Angles Salon on Scotts Valley Dr. , S Vly. Cellular E911 Call:
Service Class: W911

Rp arrived to work to find her business had been broken into.

Unknown subject broke a small window out in the rear of the building and entered the business. Subject took various salon items, along with $25.00 in cash. Approximate loss value was $500.00. Refer report. . Disposition: Report Taken.

11:51 Vandalism 1501140032
Occurred at Vine Hill School on Vine Hill School Rd. , S Vly. Unknown subject scratched off the Rp's BMW logo on her hood of her car. Rp will call back when she is available. . Disposition: Report Taken.

13:07 Theft (484, 485, 487) 1501140036
Occurred at Scotts Valley Boat & Rv Storage on Kings Village Rd. , S Vly. Various items taken from storage lot with possible suspect.
RP will be following up with various customers of the facility regarding the items he located to determine if any of them were stolen property. RP will re-contact this department if any further assistance is needed. . Disposition: Closed Otherwise.

16:04 Vandalism 1501140041
Officer initiated activity at Kmart, Mt Hermon Rd, Scotts Valley.Located Vandalism at the rear of Kmart. . Disposition: Report Taken.

16:10 PC Code Offense, All Other 1501140042
Occurred on Jolley Wy, S Vly. Rp advised she is being stalked by her ex-husband and its continuing to happen.
RP requested documentation of her concerns and extra patrols of the area. NFA. . Disposition: Closed Otherwise.

21:33 Theft (484, 485, 487) 1501140059
Occurred at Safeway on Mt Hermon Rd. , S Vly. Occ'd 30 ago. Subj left store carrying what appeared to be a carton of ice cream and never went through the checkstand. WFA, 40 yo, wearing a black beanie and green sweatshirt carrying a large bag. Subj left the area in a small white four door. . Disposition: Report Taken.

01:36 Trespassing 1501150003
Officer initiated activity at Scotts Valley High School, Glenwood Dr, Scotts Valley. . Disposition: Verbal Warning.

05:29 Traffic Stop w Report, Etc., 1501150008
Officer initiated activity at Jack In The Box, Scotts Valley Dr, Scotts Valley.IO contacted a known unlicensed driver and issued him a citation for 12500a cvc. The vehicle was towed puruant to 22651(p) of the vehicle code. . Disposition: Report Taken.

08:59 Injury Accident 1501150010
Occurred at Mt Hermon Rd/Kings Village Rd, S Vly. Cellular E911 Call:
Service Class: WPH2
One injury, elderly female, both cars blocking traffic. . Disposition: Report Taken.

02:12 Disturbance 1501160005
Occurred on Macleod Wy, S Vly. Noise. Music. RP does not want officer contact. . Disposition: Verbal Warning.

09:16 Domestic Disturbance 1501160011
Occurred on Coast Range Dr, S Vly. Cellular E911 Call:
Service Class: WPH2
Verbal only, husband threw belongings around the residence. Arguing over an impending divorce. Husband threw vase at the closed door of the room RP was calling from. Kids are at school, neg weapons, neg threats. . Disposition: Report Taken.

12:20 Theft (484, 485, 487) 1501160018
Occurred at Toadal Fitness on Mt Hermon Rd. , S Vly. Wallet was lost this morning, then recovered a couple of hours later, but missing a driver's license and some credit cards. RP requesting a report in case anyone else turns up with his DL. He has cancelled his credit cards. . Disposition: Report Taken.

16:10 Domestic Disturbance 1501160026
Occurred at El Pueblo Rd/Janis Wy, S Vly. Heavy set female, sleeveless gry dress in her 20s, argued with male with black tee, male might work at Threshold. RP said they were in a heated verbal argument, the male tried to give female money at which point she started screaming at the male.
IO confirmed that the couple had been a verbal dispute, however neither party wished any further assistance from IO. . Disposition: Closed Otherwise.

16:54 Battery 1501160030
Occurred at Scotts Valley High School on Glenwood Dr. , S Vly. Victim of 242 on campus reported to Dominican ER with Mom after going to urgent care. Charge nurse is the RP who is reporting their presence at the hospital. . Disposition: Report Taken.

19:07 Public Intoxication 1501160032
Occurred at 7-11 on Mt Hermon Rd. , S Vly. Cellular E911 Call:
Service Class: WPH2
Transient sitting outside crying. WMA, 40-50 yo, sandy brown hair, wearing tattered clothes. RP worried about him being outside in the cold. . Disposition: Arrest Made.

23:17 Traffic Stop w Report, Etc., 1501160045
Officer initiated activity at Mt Hermon Shell, Mt Hermon Rd, Scotts Valley. . Disposition: Verbal Notice Served.

23:48 Traffic Stop w Report, Etc., 1501160046
Officer initiated activity at Scotts Valley Dr, Scotts Valley.New Chrysler 300 with paper plates. HID head lights. Back window has limo tint. Driver's side head light out. Vehicle fled NB from the stop. . Disposition: Report Taken.

11:24 Traffic Stop w Report, Etc., 1501170011
Officer initiated activity at Nb Sr 17/GRANITE Creek Rd, Scotts Valley.Stopped just prior to Granite .
IO pulled over a vehicle that showed 2015 tabs when the reg stated it had expired in 2013. The driver also ended up having a suspended driver's license with service needed. The vehicle was towed, the driver given verbal notice of his suspension and was also cited for false tabs. . Disposition: Arrest Made.

21:30 Trespassing 1501170035
Officer initiated activity at Scotts Valley High School, Glenwood Dr, Scotts Valley. . Disposition: Verbal Warning.

00:17 Trespassing 1501180003
Officer initiated activity at The Ridge, Saddleback Ridge Rd/Kings Canyon Ct, Scotts Valley. . Disposition: Verbal Warning.

20:47 Traffic Stop w Report, Etc., 1501180042
Officer initiated activity at Mt Hermon Rd/Glen Canyon Rd, Scotts Valley.IO stopped the listed vehicle for a non-operational license plate light, in violation of 24601 CVC. The vehicle’s registration was also expired as of 1/15. The Arrestee (K. Marquez) was found to be unlicensed, in violation of 12500(a) CVC. The (A) had an O/R warrant issued for their arrest as well. The (A) was cited and released at the scene with a court date. The vehicle was towed from the scene and stored per 22651(p) CVC. . Disposition: Arrest Made.

22:37 Traffic Stop w Report, Etc., 1501180048
Officer initiated activity at La Madrona Dr, Santa Cruz County.S2 stopped vehicle for 4000a and driver falsely identified himself with deceased persons DL. S2 was able to ID driver and driver admitted to lying about ID. Driver was on probation with search. S2 searched driver and vehicle. Driver was arrested for 148.9 PC and cited for 4000a. Driver was also given verbal notice for suspension. . Disposition: Arrest Made.

11:29 Disturbance 1501190023
Occurred at Skate Park on Kings Village Rd. , S Vly. Cellular E911 Call:
Service Class: WPH2
Older male chasing multiple juveniles around the skate park. In his 30's, overweight, wearing blk shirt and blu jeans currently sitting down inside the skate park. RP advising he also threw his soda at the RP.
IO contacted involved parties who were advised to remain civil while using the public facility. The older male left the area. . Disposition: Closed Otherwise.

17:15 Disturbance 1501190037
Occurred at Best Western on Scotts Valley Dr. , S Vly. Service Class: VOIP
RP advising his ex-wife is abusing RP and threatening to hit him, although she is currently near the pool.
IO provided the female a courtesy transport to Santa Cruz at her request, as she no longer wished to be in the presence of the male. No further action requested by either party. . Disposition: Closed Otherwise.