Scotts Valley Police Department
Media Bulletin for Tuesday, July 22, 2014

02:07 Disturbance 140722007
Occurred at Vista Del Lago on Whispering Pines Dr. , S Vly. RP hears loud verbal argument and loud music playing. Does not think it's physical. Rp had been walking past the residence when he heard it. IOs checked the area around the residence as well as attempting contact at the residence. UTL anything or anybody making loud noises. . Disposition: Gone On Arrival / UTL.

09:05 Hit and Run 140722020
Occurred on Navarra Dr, S Vly. RP advising that an unk vehicle struck his parked rental vehicle sometime last night. . Disposition: Report Taken.

11:17 Theft (484, 485, 487) 140722022
Occurred at Safeway on Mt Hermon Rd. , S Vly. RP advising that an unk subject stole prescription pain medication from her purse that was left in the front seat of her vehicle on 7-21-14. . Disposition: Report Taken.

13:41 Theft (484, 485, 487) 140722030
Occurred at Safeway on Mt Hermon Rd. , S Vly. RP contacted a person who is walking towards Mcdonalds, hma, 20's, blu jeans gry button up long sleeve shirt. Walking down Mt Hermon now in front of Willow Pond. Green Yukon driving to meet up with him possibly. Took a bunch of bakery items without paying, which RP recovered from him outside the store. . Disposition: Arrest Made.

15:13 Disturbance 140722034
Occurred at Starbucks South on Mt Hermon Rd. , S Vly. Cellular E911 Call:
Service Class: W911
RP reporting a child abuse, mother yanked a child by the arm approx 6 yo, and yelled at her to apologize to her sister. She then took her into the bathroom and the customers could hear her crying. When they came out the child's face was red from crying. Mother then was yelling at the other customers in the store because they were staring at her. RP would like contact.
IO spoke with RP regarding what had been witnessed and answered her questions. NFA. . Disposition: Closed Otherwise.

09:37 Disturbance 140723019
Occurred at Bank Of America on Scotts Valley Dr. , S Vly. Service Class: BUSN
Verbal with threats. Just occ'd. RP threatened to rob the location if they did not do what he asked. Subj exiting parking lot on foot, LS NB. Subj is a WMA, , wearing a black baseball cap, blue sweater, black leather jacket. No weapons seen.
IO's verbally warned the reported male regarding his poor choice of wording in expressing his frustration regarding not being able to obtain a replacement debit card in person. Bank staff did not feel threatened by the male, nor did they think he was actually going to rob them. NFA. . Disposition: Closed Otherwise.

12:20 Traffic Stop w Report, Etc., 140723028
Officer initiated activity at Bank Of America, Scotts Valley Dr, Scotts Valley.IO stopped the listed vehicle for a cell phone violation. The Driver denied being on her cell phone despite the matching time of stop and time log on her phone. A records check of the vehicle and driver revealed that the vehicle was expired (11/3), displayed false registration (11/174), and that the driver was unlicensed. The vehicle was towed from the scene and stored per 22651(o)(1)(b) CVC. The driver was cited per 12500(a) CVC and 4462(b). . Disposition: Report Taken.

19:28 Disturbance 140723036
Occurred at Malones Grande Grille on Scotts Valley Dr. , S Vly. RP calling to complain about the noise and was asking if they had yet received their live music permit. All units extended on vehicle accident and will call RP when free.
IO was able to confirm that Malone's does indeed have an official permit to have live music. IO left a message for the RP, who never called us back. . Disposition: Closed Otherwise.

21:54 Disturbance 140723037
Occurred at Safeway on Mt Hermon Rd. , S Vly. RP parked towards street in lot, now standing in front of Safeway with her husband and another male who are intoxicated. RP's cell connection is terrible and she is not anwswering questions adequately. Said she kicked them both out of her truck because she will now allow alcohol in it.
IO mediated the situation between two transients who had gotten into a verbal argument over alcohol consumption. The female agreed to allow the male to go to sleep to try to calm the situation. . Disposition: Closed Otherwise.

22:30 Health & Safety Offense, All Other 140724051
Officer initiated activity at Community Center, Kings Village Rd, Scotts Valley.IO contacted a subject inside a vehicle. IO noted an odor of marijuana emanating from within the vehicle. IO searched the vehicle and located marijuana. The driver was cited and released from the scene. NFA. . Disposition: Moving/Hazardous Cite.

08:30 Domestic Disturbance 140725011
Occurred on Lauren Cir, S Vly. 911 Abandon call, upon call back phone is off the hook or busy.
IOs responded to a 911 hang up at the listed location and discovered that there was a verbal 415 between husband and wife. After speaking with both parties the husband agreed to go into work for the day. NFA. . Disposition: Closed Otherwise.

09:16 Disturbance 140725013
Occurred at Valero Gas on Scotts Valley Dr. , S Vly. Service Class: BUSN
Male subject upset and screaming over an issue with his gas. Subject has now left and is at the Quick Stop. . Disposition: Gone On Arrival / UTL.

09:18 PC Code Offense, All Other 140725014
Occurred on Mt Hermon Rd, S Vly. Male subject saying that the Rp needs to get off his property. Rp has now called back and said he has a Machete or a hammer in his hand.
A male subject was trespassing and started an argument at 700 Mt Hermon Rd. The subject insisted that he owned the property and that the property owner needed leave. While en route to the call the property owner advised the subject brandished a machete type knife at him. The trespasser was arrested for 602(o) PC and 417(a)(1) PC and booked into County Jail. . Disposition: Arrest Made.

11:06 PC Code Offense, All Other 140725018
Officer initiated activity at Mt Hermon Rd/La Madrona Dr, Scotts Valley.Out with two in a fight .
IO arrested a male for violating a restraining order. The male was booked into County Jail. . Disposition: Arrest Made.

12:15 Theft (484, 485, 487) 140725019
Occurred at Vine Hill Office Park on Bethany Dr. , S Vly. Theft of a bag including cell phone and Ipad. . Disposition: Report Taken.

19:16 PC Code Offense, All Other 140725031
Occurred on Vine Hill School Rd, S Vly. Identity theft. RP reporting a known xray subject hacked into her laptop and is now using her personal files and identity. Loss of $20,000 due to not being able to use the laptop to work. RP is currently in Las Vegas and would appreciate phone contact.
IO contacted RP who stated that she wished to report identity theft and vandalism to her vehicle. She stated that she was currently in Las Vegas and was recently a victim of a battery on Vine Hill School Road where her boyfriend was arrested. RP said that she believes that her ex-roommate and her boyfriend attempted to prepare her taxes for her using her personal information. She informed me that she does not have proof of this and would be following up with the IRS for paperwork. RP stated that she is in the process of looking for work in Las Vegas and would be moving soon. NFA. . Disposition: Closed Otherwise.

00:52 Disturbance 140726007
Occurred at Hilton on La Madrona Dr. , S Vly. Fight. Second hand info from the front desk. Poss physical. Unknown weapons.
IOs responded to a report of a physical fight. Upon investigation IO found a group of females engaged in a loud pillow fight. NFA. . Disposition: Unfounded.

16:30 Traffic Stop w Report, Etc., 140726033
Officer initiated activity at Pinnacle Pass, Mt Hermon Rd, Scotts Valley.Blu toyota pk with paper plates
The driver of a vehicle was arrested and released with a citation for an outstanding warrant. . Disposition: Arrest Made.

19:32 PC Code Offense, All Other 140726047
Occurred on Lunar Dr, S Vly. RP had been giving ex wife money for their child. She then turned around and used the account number off of his check to pay for her rent. RP is now out $1,000. Phone detail. . Disposition: Report Taken.

21:25 Driving Under the Influence 140726051
Occurred at Scotts Valley Dr/Victor Sq, S Vly. Cellular E911 Call:
Service Class: W911
IFO Yamamori entrance. Motorcyclist down. Originally reported as a possible DUI driver. Rider is now standing on corner. Appears disoriented.
The reported motorcyclist was arrested and booked at county jail for dui after crashing his motorcycle at the listed intersection. . Disposition: Arrest Made.

22:22 Disturbance 140726053
Occurred on Oak Creek Bl, S Vly. Occ'd 5 or so ago. Fireworks . Down Oak Creek or across Mt. Hermon. RP requesting an area check if possible. . Disposition: Gone On Arrival / UTL.

16:09 Stolen Vehicle 140727033
Occurred at Metro Center on Kings Village Rd. , S Vly. Onstar LL working a stolen vehicle case in the PL on Kings Village rd dealer vehicle Ignition block on the vehicle, capable for a stolen vehicle slow down If vehicle is running ignition block is not in effect.
IOs recovered an unoccupied 10851 vehicle out of San Jose. Vehicle towed by victim. . Disposition: Report Taken.

22:36 Vandalism 140727041
Officer initiated activity at Skate Park, Kings Village Rd, Scotts Valley.While on area check, graffiti to the staircase was discovered by IO. IO was unable to abate it himself. Case taken and work order sent to PW. . Disposition: Report Taken.

00:06 PC Code Offense, All Other 140728001
Officer initiated activity at Parks And Rec, Kings Village Rd, Scotts Valley.IO contacted a subject who was trying to dump garbage in the Parks and Rec dumpsters, and was verbally warned as to its unlawfulness. He collected what he had thrown out and left the area. . Disposition: Verbal Warning.

08:50 Theft (484, 485, 487) 140728014
Occurred at Safeway on Mt Hermon Rd. , S Vly. Shoplifter detained and being cooperative. Can meet loss prevention in his office. . Disposition: Arrest Made.

10:35 Theft (484, 485, 487) 140728016
Occurred at Safeway on Mt Hermon Rd. , S Vly. WMA late 40s 600/medium build blk mc jacket camo Tshirt and bro pants, walking behind McDonalds item taken was a beer. . Disposition: Arrest Made.

20:37 PC Code Offense, All Other 140728038
Occurred at Scotts Valley Executive Center on Scotts Valley Dr. , S Vly. RP was leaving work when he saw a white male with a backpack and wearing a beanie, walking behind the building to the north of RP. May have sat down behind the building, subj poss transient looking for a place to sleep or "break in to a building".
IO responded to a report of a suspicious person behind 5521 Scotts Valley Drive. IO located and attempted to contact the subject. The subject did not comply with the IO's commands to stop and ran from the IO. IO caught the subject at 5525 Scotts Valley Drive and noticed he had thrown something from his shorts pocket. IO detained the subject in handcuffs and searched the area were he was detained. IO found a methamphetamine pipe with a usuable qty of methamphetamine in the pipe. IO also located 11 knives and a razor blade on his person and in his backpack he was carrying. Dispatch informed IO that the subject was on proabtion with terms stating that he was not to posses deadly weapons. . Disposition: Arrest Made.

22:27 Disturbance 140728043
Occurred on Blue Bonnet Ln, S Vly. Loud discussion from patio for past 2-3 hours. RP does not believe it's an argument, but conversation is echoing loudly. . Disposition: Gone On Arrival / UTL.

01:28 Disturbance 140729007
Occurred at Quik Stop on Scotts Valley Dr. , S Vly. Loud music coming from a vehicle, RP could not see vehicle, thought it had been there for maybe 15 minutes. Vehicle left while we were talking. RP did not need us to respond. Taken for info. RP will call back if they return. . Disposition: Closed Otherwise.