Scotts Valley Police Department
Media Bulletin for Tuesday, October 14, 2014

04:35 Hit and Run 1410140007
Occurred on Blueberry Ct, S Vly. Cellular E911 Call:
Service Class: WPH2

Neighbor's Merz was hit by dark colored sedan in neighbor's driveway .

A resident called after hearing what sounded like one vehicle hitting another in his neighbor's driveway about 150 ft away. RP observed a dark colored vehicle leaving the scene, and called us. IOs BOL-ed the area when O-20 spotted what appeared to be the suspect vehicle. See event 1410140008 for the car stop and subsequent cite and release, case assignment (1142) and tow info. . Disposition: Arrest Made.

04:49 Hit and Run 1410140008
Officer initiated activity at Whispering Pines Dr/Blueberry Dr, Scotts Valley.Traffic stop on possible (S) vehicle in reported 20002 (see event 1410140008).

IOs responded to the report of a hit and run. IO located suspect vehicle as it was driving through the area and conducted a vehicle stop. Driver admitted driving up Blueberry Ct delivering papers, but denied backing into Victim vehicle. Suspect vehicle had damage to its right tail light consistent with the collision. Driver was cited and released at the scene. . Disposition: Arrest Made.

09:11 Health & Safety Offense, All Other 1410140019
Occurred on Whispering Pines Ct, S Vly. RP located 5 marijuana plants in the ditch in the back of his property.

RP was cleaning up his backyard when he located 5 potted marijuana plants adjacent to his back fence which is located in the city easement between hi property and Vista Del Lago. Rp wanted to confirm it was alright for him to remove the plants and dispose of them in his green waste container. I/O advised RP that would be acceptable. . Disposition: Closed Otherwise.

09:45 Domestic Battery 1410140021
Occurred on Silverwood Dr, S Vly. Cellular E911 Call:
Service Class: WPH2

273.5 occurring now, male still in the room with RP, hitting her and preventing her from using the LL to call 911. Parties now separated, xray upstairs male half down stairs negative weapons

The Victim contacted this department and reported that the Arrestee , her husband of 30 years, had assaulted her. The (V) advised that she engaged in a verbal altercation with the (A). The (A) told her that she was not welcomed at the residence. The (V) became upset and wanted to call the Police. When the (V) called the Police, the (A) unplugged the phone. The (V) said that the (A) pushed her, which caused her to fall to the ground. The (V) was able to call the Police with her cell phone. The (V) was uninjured; however, she was medically transported. The (V) requested that the (A) be arrested and an EPO issued. The EPO was granted. The (A) denied ever touching the (V); however, he said he did unplug the phone. The (A) was lodged at jail. 243(e)(1) PC and 591 PC. CO. . Disposition: Arrest Made.

12:37 Vandalism 1410140025
Occurred at Santa Cruz County Bank on Scotts Valley Dr. , S Vly. RP advising that there is graffiti on the back of Santa Cruz County bank and on the dumpsters. RP requesting extra checks at night as she has also found alcohol bottles in the PL. RP is property owner.

IO contacted the Reporting Party at the listed address for a report of a cold vandalism detail. IO located three small "generic" markings that consisted of "X13". One of which was written in red ink, which was inconsistent with Sureno colors. The markings were non-specific. The RP did not want to file a report. The RP wanted saturated patrols due alcoholic beverage containers being found on the property. . Disposition: Closed Otherwise.

14:24 Theft (484, 485, 487) 1410140029
Occurred at Goodwill on Whispering Pines Dr. , S Vly. Service Class: VOIP

Shop lifter detained by manager, being uncooperative, not letting manager search her bag and is refusing to leave the store .

I/O contacted store manager who said one of his employees informed him that he saw a female kneel between the racks and place merchandise in her purse then zip her purse close. RP attempted to get the subject to open her purse but she refused to cooperate. RP did not want to prosecute for theft, he only wanted the subject removed from the store and told if she returned she would be prosecuted for trespassing. I/O advised the subject she was not welcome to return to the store and that if she did she would be arrested for trespassing. . Disposition: Closed Otherwise.

18:40 Theft (484, 485, 487) 1410140032
Occurred at Kmart on Mt Hermon Rd. , S Vly. Kmart loss prevention has 1 juvenile xray detained for shoplifting. She is being cooperative, took misc. make up.

A juvenile was detained by store personnel for stealing over $100 worth of cosmetics. She was cited and released with a court date to her mother at the scene. . Disposition: Arrest Made.

19:52 Stolen Vehicle 1410140033
Occurred on El Sereno Dr, S Vly. Cellular E911 Call:
Service Class: WPH2

Vehicle stolen from RP's driveway a little over an hour ago, poss by someone who had been doing work at the residence.

IO responded to a report of a 10851 at the listed address. IO contacted (RP) who stated that when he came home at 1900 hrs he noticed his white GMC Savana van was missing along with the keys. RP believes an xray took his van due to a text message she left him. . Disposition: Report Taken.

21:16 Hit and Run 1410140039
Occurred at Insight Eyecare Center on Mt Hermon Rd. , S Vly. Cellular E911 Call:
Service Class: W911

Green minivan clipped the corner of (V)'s car. 7-10 min ago. DOT towards the exit (light opp KMart), left towards Felton. Rear end damage to his, poss front end corner damage to (S) vehicle.

IO responded to a ten minute old report of a hit and run that occurred in front of the listed business. The RP heard a "thump" outside the business and observed a vehicle, possibly a green minivan, strike the back of his parked vehicle and leave the scene towards Felton on Mt Hermon Rd. RP could not provide a good description beyond that, and there were no other witnesses. He initially declined to have a report taken, but then changed his mind. . Disposition: Report Taken.

01:49 Theft (484, 485, 487) 1410150001
Occurred at Safeway on Mt Hermon Rd. , S Vly. Netcom called saying deputies were flagged down for a shoplift that just occurred. No further info avail other than suspect is still in the parking lot. No description. Deputies still on scene.

IOs responded to a call from Netcom regarding a flagdown of their deputies in front of Safeway, and a just occurred shoplift. Deputies detained the subject for us, and their dispatch ran her out. Subject had three outstanding warrants, one negative OR out of SF. She was also positively identified as the shoplifter by Safeway personnel as part of an in field lineup. She was also on probation, and was in violation of her terms, which involved possession of stolen property. SF intends to pick the (A) up on their warrant. (A) was booked at CJ on the fresh charges and the warrants. . Disposition: Arrest Made.

00:09 Disturbance 1410170001
Occurred at Baymonte Christian School on Granite Creek Rd. , S Vly. Crew operating a hydraulic crane; Crew is talking loudly, screaming, and cursing. RP would like officer contact.

IO made contact with PG&E foreman and advised him of a noise complaint. Workers were yelling between each other from the telephone wire to the ground and were not able to use radios. Foreman advised that they would attempt to be quieter. RP was advised that PG&E foreman was aware of the complaint and they would try to keep it down. RP was satisfied with the resolution. . Disposition: Closed Otherwise.

12:49 PC Code Offense, All Other 1410170030
Occurred at Universal Audio, Inc, on Scotts Valley Dr. , S Vly. Subject in the lobby who had a cell phone account opened under his name and birthday.

IO was dispatched to a report of a victim in the lobby reporting that an unknown individual in New York had opened a cell phone account with his information. IO met with the victim who stated that he had been in Singapore for the last two years and went into a Verizon store to try and get a new cell phone. The victim was informed that another account had been opened in his name and the store was unable to open an account for him. The victim was assigned a case number and will be contacted once the report has been completed. . Disposition: Report Taken.

18:12 Injury Accident 1410170046
Occurred at Cathy Ln/Scotts Valley Dr, S Vly. Occ'd 40 mins ago. RP's 11 yo son came home and said that a vehicle struck him as he was crossing the street. Poss BMW or Mercedes, silver in color, with damage to driver side mirror. Lives on the road she was coming down. Xray driver has a foreign accent. RP advising that his son's arm is swollen and that he hit his head. RP is not requesting medics but would like an officer to respond to his residence.

IO responded to RP's address for a reported hit and run at listed location. IO contacted the juvenile said a vehicle struck him as he was riding northbound up Scotts Valley Drive (on the southbound side sidewalk) at the intersection of Cathy Ln. The driver of the vehicle stopped and exited her vehicle and asked the juvenile if he was okay to which he stated 'Yes" and that he "needed to get home". The driver then hugged the juvenile before leaving northbound on Scotts Valley Drive. Juveniles parents took him to Dominican for a possible broken wrist. Juvenile was cleared at scene by SVFD. . Disposition: Report Taken.

21:41 Traffic Stop w Report, Etc., 1410170055
Officer initiated activity at Cvs Pharmacy, Mt Hermon Rd, Scotts Valley.IO conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle that had suspended registration. Driver was found to have a suspended DL, good service, and a prior conviction. The driver was cited and released. . Disposition: Arrest Made.

23:07 Vandalism 1410170060
Occurred on Casa Wy, S Vly. Service Class: VOIP
Occ'd 3-4 ago. Vehicle drove by and egged vehicle. Vehicle last seen heading towards Hacienda blacked out. Unknown make/model. Unknown license plate. RP does not want contact. Poss Toyota Tacoma with 4 in the bed and two in the cab. . Disposition: Gone On Arrival / UTL.

23:42 Health & Safety Offense, All Other 1410170061
Officer initiated activity at S Navarra Dr, Scotts Valley.One male was cited for 11357b. . Disposition: Moving/Hazardous Cite.

08:50 Vandalism 1410180024
Occurred on Aviator Ct, S Vly. Vehicle sustained a small amount of damage from last night's egging in the neighborhood. . Disposition: Report Taken.

09:16 Disturbance 1410180027
Occurred at Animal House & Pet Boarding on Scotts Valley Dr. , S Vly. WFA, in her late teens early 20s, jeans, hair in a pony tail, halter top no shoes. throwing items at passing vehicles, appears HBD or 11550, she is now taking off her clothing Xray is now in a verbal 415 with a male. Male is a WMA bbhat drk tshirt, blu jeans, gry back pack .
IO's responded to a 415 with two subjects. There was a protective order with the female against the male with peaceful contact allowed. The two subjects were code 4. . Disposition: Verbal Warning.

11:27 Vandalism 1410180034
Occurred on Piper Cub Ct, S Vly. RP advising that her vehicle was egged last night. She does not believe that there is any permanent damage to the vehicle but she still wished to speak with an officer. Her neighbor's vehicle was egged as well. . Disposition: Report Taken.

13:01 Public Intoxication 1410180040
Occurred at 7-11 on Mt Hermon Rd. , S Vly. Cellular E911 Call:
Service Class: WPH2

WMA, 50s or 60s, gry hair with a pony tail, blu/grn shirt on possibly intoxicated, fell down btwn the bike racks at the bus stop on the ground and then started smoking a cigarette as he could not get back on his feet subject pulled a bottle of alcohol out of the garbage and started drinking it. . Disposition: Arrest Made.

17:37 Trespassing 1410180049
Occurred on Blue Bonnet Ln, S Vly. 4 young HMJs went into RPs backyard. teenage years 14 yo, wearing nice clothes were dressed up and appear to be associated with a Quinceanera and the community center. all approx 503 one had a red shirt came out of the bushes behind the complex. LS approx 3 ago. . Disposition: Gone On Arrival / UTL.

22:15 Disturbance 1410180062
Occurred on Macleod Wy, S Vly. Loud outdoor party.
IO contacted a group of Js whose parents were en route to pick them up. They agreed to keep the noise down until then. . Disposition: Verbal Warning.

23:06 Disturbance 1410180068
Occurred on Sidesaddle Cir, S Vly. Live music in backyard. . Disposition: Gone On Arrival / UTL.

00:09 Traffic Stop w Report, Etc., 1410190002
Officer initiated activity at Mt Hermon Rd/El Rancho Dr, Scotts Valley.IO stopped a vehicle traveling N/B Hwy 17 for not being able to maintain a lane. Upon contacting the driver IO noted objective signs of intoxication. The driver was placed through FST's which he failed to complete to IO's satisfaction. The driver PAS'd two samples of .153% and .160%, and then Alcotested two samples of .14% BAC at this department. The driver was arrested and booked at CJ for 23152(a)/(b) CVC. Refer report. . Disposition: Arrest Made.

00:41 Disturbance 1410190003
Occurred at Santa Cruz Ranch Rv on Disc Dr. , S Vly. Playing vulgar comedian in his trailer. Unk space #, RP advised you will hear it once you enter the park.
Cellular E911 Call:
Service Class: WPH2. . Disposition: Gone On Arrival / UTL.

09:38 Battery of Spouse 1410190013
Occurred on Navarra Dr, S Vly. Cold 242 occ'd at approx 0400hrs this morning at above address. V is currently at Assaulted by V would like an interview prior to going to Dominican Hospital

The Victim advised that her boyfriend of two years became violent with her. The (A) committed an unprovoked assault on the (V). The (V) said the (A) grabbed her by the throat and choked her several times. The (V) was unable to breathe when the (A) choked her. During the assault the (A) threw the (V) to the ground and kicked her in the legs and sides. During the assault the (A) kicked the (V) in the vagina and buttocks. The (A) threatened to kill the (V) and prevented her from leaving the residence. The (V) was able to escape after she told the (A) she wanted to smoke. The (A) told IO that he had engaged in "kinky"/rough sex with the (V). During the their sexual encounter he did engage in "erotic asphyxiation" with the (V). The (A) said the (V) became upset with him after the (V) discovered that he was cheating on her. The (V) became aggressive with the (A). The (A) said he grabbed the (V) and threw her away from him. This may have resulted in the (V)'s injuries. The (V) denied having sex with the (A) prior to and after the assault. The (V) advised that the SART nurse confirmed that there were no signs of sexual intercourse. The SART examination confirmed that the (V) sustained injuries to her vagina and buttocks, that appeared to be unrelated to sexual intercourse. The (V) had substantial bruising on her neck, arms, and legs. The (V) requested and EPO and it was granted. The (A) was lodged at jail on multiple felonies. 273.5 PC, 422 PC, 236 PC, and 243.4(a) PC. . Disposition: Arrest Made.

10:52 Health & Safety Offense, All Other 1410190016
Occurred at Granite Creek Business Center on Scotts Valley Dr. , S Vly. Service Class: RESD

Sil or whi SW left on SV DR, Xray driver WFA with dark hair doing cocaine in the car.

Taken as beat information per O16 as IOs are tied up on prioty detail so. . Disposition: Closed Otherwise.

20:06 Battery of Spouse 1410190033
Occurred on Burlwood Dr, S Vly. Service Class: VOIP
Neighbor says woman running up and down driveway yelling "help me" , sounds intoxicated and runs back into house. Been going on for half an hour.

IOs were dispatched to a disturbance during which a female was heard screaming "someone help me". IOs located the victim, who advised that she was at her boyfriend's house, when they got into an argument, resulting in his throwing to (v) to the ground. He then proceeded to start to choke her. As (V) was trying to pry (A)'s hands from her throat, he bit her finger. Arrest was for 273.5, and he was booked at CJ. The (V) received a courtesy transport to our department where she eventually was able to secure a ride home from a friend. . Disposition: Arrest Made.

20:46 Disturbance 1410190035
Occurred at Dollar Tree on Mt Hermon Rd. , S Vly. RP said he was driving behind a slow driver who confronted RP when both pulled in to the listed location. RP said the other driver was confrontational. RP then went into the store and called us. Other party came into the store but had cooled off considerably and even apologized to RP as they were leaving. Units were extended. Both parties left the scene peacefully per the RP while dispatch stayed on phone with RP. . Disposition: Closed Otherwise.

22:12 Driving Under the Influence 1410190038
Occurred at Mt Hermon Shell on Mt Hermon Rd. , S Vly. Grey Hummer TX plate, late 20's HMA, overweight , "falling down drunk" per store clerk , driving off

IO responded to a report of an intoxicated subject leaving Mt Hermon Shell gas station in a silver Hummer H3 with TX license plates. IO's located the vehicle and subject in the parking lot of U-Save liquor. IO noticed that the subjects eyes were bloodshot and watery, his speech was slurred, his gait was unsteady and he staggered and he had an odor of an unknown alcoholic beverage on his breath. IO tried to submit the subject throught FST's but the subject was uncooperative and refused. Based on the observable signs of the subject's intoxication and the refusal to submit to FST's IO placed the subject under arrest. IO asked the subject if he wished to submit a breath or blood sample. The subject chose to take a blood sample. IO transported the subject to Dominican Hospital for a blood draw. While at Dominican the subject was so uncooperative with the IO and Dominican security that the IO determined that he would harm smeone during the blood draw. IO determined that the subject refused to give a blood sample and transported the subject to county jail. . Disposition: Arrest Made.

17:14 Theft (484, 485, 487) 1410200016
Occurred at Safeway on Mt Hermon Rd. , S Vly. Chainsaws stolen from RP's truck while parked in the lot in front of the store. Happened yesterday afternoon.

The Reporting Party parked his vehicle in the Safeway parking lot on 10/19/14. He entered CVS and returned several minutes later ans left teh area. On today’s date, he noticed that two of his husqvarna chainsaws were missing. The (RP) was certain they were taking from the Safeway parking lot and not at his residence, because he lives on an isolated plot of land. Report taken for information 487(a) PC RT. . Disposition: Report Taken.

17:49 Hit and Run 1410200017
Occurred on Hacienda Dr, S Vly. RP's side mirror was either knocked off by a person or vehicle, RP would like assistance in trying to determine which.

The Reporting Party advised that his vehicle was parked in front of residence because his neighbor parked their vehicle there. The RP advised that he did not want his neighbor's vehicle in front of his house. The following day the mirror on his vehicle was knocked off. IO noted that there was additional scuff marks on the vehicle. The damage was not consistent with vandalism. IO offered to take a collision report. The RP declined a report and thanked Io fro his time. . Disposition: Closed Otherwise.

21:52 Domestic Disturbance 1410200025
Occurred on Viki Ct, S Vly. RP's husband is heavily intoxicated, threw things, including a phone, grabbed RP's arm earlier. He is now laying in bed, she is now downstairs.
IO's spoke with RP regarding a 415 family disturbance. RP advised that her husband had been drinking and a verbal altercation ensued. IO spoke with both parties who confirmed there was no physical contact between them and argument was verbal only. Parties agreed to sleep in separate bedrooms for the night. . Disposition: Closed Otherwise.

04:51 Hit and Run 1410210003
Occurred at Mt Hermon Rd/Glen Canyon Rd, S Vly. We received a copy of a late-reported 20002 to a Santa Cruz SO vehicle by an unknown black sedan. The incident occurred on 09-28-14. Case number assigned. . Disposition: Report Taken.

07:31 Trespassing 1410210009
Occurred at Santa Cruz Ranch Rv on Disc Dr. , S Vly. WMA in his 30s, 509/heavy set, blu jeans no shirt or shoes. WFA, in her 30s never got out of the vehicle NFD. Subjects are transient, sleep in their vehicle and then shower at the park. RP has asked them on 4 different occasions to leave and not use their facilities. Subjects have left the area now in an unk direction. RP was advised to call when subj are at the park for contact. . Disposition: Gone On Arrival / UTL.

10:48 Disturbance 1410210024
Occurred on Vine Hill School Rd, S Vly. Cellular E911 Call:
Service Class: W911

IOs responded to the listed location for a verbal altercation between the Arrestee and the Reporting Party probationer The (RP) advised that he rented an outdoor storage shed to store his belongings from the (A) for $50 a month. The (A) locked the (RP) out of the shed. During a probation search of the (A)'s residence IO located meth pipes, marijuana, and other paraphernalia. IOs facilitated a civil standby while the (RP) removed his property. The (A) was cited and released with a misdemeanor court date. 11364 H&S and 1203.2 PC. . Disposition: Arrest Made.

14:40 Health & Safety Offense, All Other 1410210030
Occurred at Siltanen Park (Parking Lot) on Vine Hill School Rd. , S Vly. 3rd hand information Yard duty at siltanen ong VW bug with a driver inside, mom saw him smoking marijuana in the vehicle subject is high IFO the amphitheater. . Disposition: Gone On Arrival / UTL.

16:24 Driving Under the Influence 1410210035
Occurred at Bank Of America on Scotts Valley Dr. , S Vly. Tan Ford sedan seemed extremely HBD HFA, in her 40s ripped teal shirt with blk bra hanging out and khaki pants. . Disposition: Gone On Arrival / UTL.