Scotts Valley Police Department
Media Bulletin for Tuesday, August 12, 2014

17:31 Commerical Burglary 140812026
Occurred at Scarborough Rv Storage Lot on El Pueblo Rd. , S Vly. Cellular E911 Call:
Service Class: WPH2
Subjects may be trying to break into a trailer in the RV storage yard. Two subjects came out of the creek up to the storage yard cut the locks. WMA, both in their 20s, blk shirt base ball hat on backwards male in a blu shirt opened lock on a box trailer, looked inside and the trailer and then saw the RP watching and walked off. Had a bolt cutter on them. LS 5 ago.
IOs responded to the listed location for a call of a possible break-in of a trailer. IO contacted the RP who advised he saw the Arrestee (Spencer) and another suspect breaking into a trailer across the creek with a pair of bolt cutters. IOs established a perimeter around the area. Moments later, the (A) returned to the creek. IO ordered the (A) to stop and he ran. IO pursued the (A) across the creek and toward other IOs in the area. The (A) was taken into custody and booked into county jail on multiple charges. . Disposition: Arrest Made.

23:13 Trespassing 140812032
Occurred on Nb Sr 17, S Vly. Four wheelers on the water district side of the ridge. . Disposition: Gone On Arrival / UTL.

05:23 Stolen Vehicle 140813006
Occurred at Scarborough Rv Storage Lot on El Pueblo Rd. , S Vly. Separate case taken for unplated, brand new vehicle that may be an unreported 10851 . Refer to incident 140812026. . Disposition: Report Taken.

12:11 Trespassing 140813016
Occurred at McDonalds on Mt Hermon Rd. , S Vly. Subj by the name of is at the location and has been asked not to be there. Subj is wearing a black baseball cap and black shirt.

Manager at McDonald's reported that a subject has been warned that he is not allowed in the business. The manager saw the male in the business today, but the male left when he called police. The manager wanted the trespass warning reiterated to him if he was located. IO contacted Childers in the Scotts Village Shopping Center and conveyed to him that he was not allowed in the business and that the manager would have him arrested if he returned. NFA. . Disposition: Verbal Warning.

15:43 Vandalism 140813023
Officer initiated activity at 7-11, Mt Hermon Rd, Scotts Valley.Citizen flag down regarding vandalism to his vehicle. . Disposition: Unfounded.

04:03 Theft (484, 485, 487) 140814007
Occurred at Safeway on Mt Hermon Rd. , S Vly. 2 males and 1 female inside store loading bags full of merchandise. Subjs have been in store for past 45 minutes and RP advised that they were in the medicine aisle for a long period of time. All 3 subjs appear to be 11550.

IO responded to Safeway (253 Mt Hermon Rd) for a report of a subject concealing items. I arrived and waited outside for the subject to leave the store. As the subject walked to the store exit, he noticed me standing outside and turned back appearing to avoid me. I contacted the subject and he identified himself verbally as . I noticed had items in his hands that he had just purchased. I also noticed he appeared to have bulges in his pockets. I asked if he had anything in his pockets he was going to steal. Lyon stated that he did, and he admitted that he was going to steal the merchandise. I searched and located approximately $75.00 in merchandise that belonged to Safeway. A records check of determined he was on probation for 11350(a) H&S and for 666 PC. During my contact with , I noted he displayed signs of being under the influence of a controlled substance. Lyon was taken into custody and transported to the Scotts Valley Police Department for an 11550 HS evaluation. Lyon was placed through the 11550 HS evaluation, but did not complete it to my satisfaction. Per probation he was to provide a urine sample for testing. Lyon, however was not able to do so. I reviewed criminal history and learned he had 8 prior convictions for 484 PC and 459 PC, and one conviction for 666 PC. Lyon was booked for 666 PC, 11550(a) H&S, and for 1203.2 PC. . Disposition: Arrest Made.

06:16 Health & Safety Offense, All Other 140814008
Occurred at Mt Hermon Rd/La Madrona Dr, S Vly. WFA in dark clothing standing in middle of roadway on overpass.
Cellular E911 Call:
Service Class: WPH2

This department received multiple 911 calls regarding a female subject that was in the roadway on Mt. Hermon Road and La Madrona Drive. The female was reported to be drawing in the roadway. I arrived on scene and contacted flagging people down in the roadway. was unable to formulate complete sentences and was not able to to follow simple instructions. I detained in handcuffs for her safety Dispatch conducted a records check and found that was on formal probation for 11377(a) , and was found to have warrants for her arrest. began exhibiting signs of being under the influence of a controlled substance. I took back to this department and conducted a 11550 evaluation. was unable to complete the tests because she was unable to follow the instructions. Per probation terms she was required to submit to a urine test. urine was presumptive positive for, Amphetamine, Methamphetamine, and Cannabis. Based on what I was observing from behavior and the results from her presumptive test I determined that was under the influence of a controlled substance. She was booked into CJ. Refer to report. . Disposition: Arrest Made.

08:59 Stolen Vehicle 140814010
Occurred at Scotts Valley Police Department on Civic Center Dr. , S Vly. Reference case: 14v-00851. El Cerrito PD advising that they located our stolen vehicle. Vehicle is not damaged/stripped/burned. Neg plates missing. One in custody. Reference ECPD case #14-15457. . Disposition: Report Taken.

09:40 Stolen Vehicle 140814011
Occurred at Etr Associates on Carbonero Wy. , S Vly. Parking lot. Dumped trailer. Noticed on Tuesday. Trailer was confirmed 10851 and owner was contacted refer report. . Disposition: Closed Otherwise.

10:23 Vandalism 140814012
Occurred at Scotts Valley Middle School on Bean Creek Rd. , S Vly. Occ'd over the night. Window to room 8 was broken. Unknown means. . Disposition: Report Taken.

11:36 PC Code Offense, All Other 140814016
Occurred at Mountain Mikes Pizza on La Madrona Dr. , S Vly. RP reporting a possible scam. Received a phone call stating that they had not paid their PG&E bill and if they did not pay their electricity would be turned off in 45 mins. RP phoned PG&E and was informed that their account is not outstanding. The call came from 818-813-7558 Barbie Johnson ext 501. RP reporting that this is the second time that this has occurred. Requesting to speak with an officer.
IO spoke with RP and advised him on how to handle potential scams and/or fraud. NFA. . Disposition: Closed Otherwise.

13:00 Health & Safety Offense, All Other 140814017
Occurred at Best Western on Scotts Valley Dr. , S Vly. FRONT DESK. Subj does not have money to pay the deposit and management has asked him to leave. Currently 415 with management. Subj is a BMA, mid 20s, wearing a grey shirt and black pants; Subj not holding anything.
Two subjects were arrested and booked on outstanding warrants for their arrest. The male was also found to be in possession of crystal meth. Both subjects were booked at county jail. . Disposition: Arrest Made.

19:53 Trespassing 140814023
Occurred at Valley Gardens Golf Center on Mt Hermon Rd. , S Vly. 2 juvenile males fishing in the pond. RP advised that this has been an ongoing issue. . Disposition: Verbal Warning.

21:53 Disturbance 140814025
Occurred at Skypark Tennis Courts on Coast Range Dr. , S Vly. Subjs partying in a car in tennis court parking lot.
Subjects were contacted and advised of the park hours. NFA. . Disposition: Closed Otherwise.

00:05 Disturbance 140815001
Occurred at Blue Bonnet Townhomes on Blue Bonnet Ln. , S Vly. Male subj in the PL talking loudly on his cell phone. . Disposition: Closed Otherwise.

23:13 Disturbance 140815038
Occurred on San Augustine Wy, S Vly. Cellular E911 Call:
Service Class: WPH2
Neighbor playing loud bass music. RP attempting to go to sleep. . Disposition: Verbal Warning.

01:35 Driving Under the Influence 140816005
Occurred at Malones Grande Grille on Scotts Valley Dr. , S Vly. IOs responded to Malone’ for a burglary alarm. After checking the business and verifying it was secure, a gray Ford Mustang pulled into the parking lot. IOs contacted the driver who stated she was there to pick up a friend. IOs detected an odor of an alcoholic beverage emanating from the vehicle. The driver passed all FSTs except for the PAS exam. The driver PASed a .074%, .082%, and a .074%. Driver was issued a citation for 23140(a) CVC. Refer report. . Disposition: Arrest Made.

03:08 Public Intoxication 140816007
Occurred at Mt Hermon Shell on Mt Hermon Rd. , S Vly. Cellular E911 Call:
Service Class: W911
Dispute over cab fair. Subj trying to get money out but making it difficult for the driver. No weapons. Subj is standing by cab. WMA, early 20s, wearing a grey shirt. Subj on pain medication. . Disposition: Arrest Made.

13:43 Disturbance 140816016
Occurred at Vista Del Lago on Whispering Pines Dr. , S Vly. Whi hond civic splitting lanes on the freeway RP took a picture of the vehicle on Mt Hemron rd and the driver of the vehicle became angry and approached RP's vehicle.
IO contacted RP who requested the incident be documented. NFA. . Disposition: Closed Otherwise.

18:21 Stolen Vehicle 140816021
Officer initiated activity at El Pueblo Rd, Scotts Valley.IO was flagged down by a subj advising that there were two trailers that were unchalked on El Pueblo Rd. IO investigated the trailers and ran the VINs on both. Both trailers came back as stolen. Two plates were taken; Possibly unreported stolen. IO will fingerprint on a later date. Both trailers were located in CLETS. Refer to report. . Disposition: Report Taken.

22:41 Theft (484, 485, 487) 140816025
Occurred at Nob Hill Foods on Mt Hermon Rd. , S Vly. RP is the manager at the location. RP reporting that there are currently two subj that grabbed alcohol and she suspects that they will attempt to leave without paying for it. Subj 1 (took the alcohol): wma, 20 years old, 600, dark hair, grey baseball cap, blue button up shirt, dark jacket, baggy jacket jeans. Subj 2 associated: WMA 502, blonde short hair, no hat, blue tshirt with a face on the front, dark flannel shirt, shorts. One grabbed alcohol. No crime at this point. Subjects were at the checkstand and no alcohol was seen, unknown what they did with it; Subj then left and walked down the health and beauty aisle.
IO's responded to a report of two male subjects suspected of concealing alcohol while in Nob Hill Foods. IO's arrived to find the subjects had left the store before they arrived. IO's did an area check for the subjects and located them with a female in a vehicle in front of Safeway. The three subjects were contacted and a bottle of alcohol was located in the female's vehicle. One of the male subjects and the female were arrested for conspiracy and theft. . Disposition: Arrest Made.

12:30 Theft (484, 485, 487) 140817010
Occurred at Oak Tree Villa on Lockewood Ln. , S Vly. RP advising that an unk subject stole all of her gold jewelry that was in a drawer in her room. taken sometime in the last week. 6-26-29. . Disposition: Report Taken.

14:14 Theft (484, 485, 487) 140817016
Occurred at Scotts Valley Magnetics on El Pueblo Rd. , S Vly. RP calling in FU to incident 140816021, case 14v-00928, advising that his license plate was stolen from his vehicle and replaced with CA/4GS5003. . Disposition: Report Taken.

16:26 Trespassing 140817019
Occurred at McDonalds on Mt Hermon Rd. , S Vly. Subject took a cup from the garbage can and then stole soda from McDonalds. RP would like him arrested for 602 RP is the manager of McDonalds. Subject left toward 7-11, Unk clothing.
Subject was verbally warned per store managements request. . Disposition: Verbal Warning.

20:17 Vandalism 140817021
Officer initiated activity at Carbonero Bridge, Carbonero Wy, Scotts Valley.IO discovered graffiti under the bridge. Work order sent to public works. Refer report. . Disposition: Report Taken.

04:47 Stolen Vehicle 140818005
Officer initiated activity at Fox Factory Inc, Disc Dr, Scotts Valley.Out with 10851 motorcycle, confirmed by CHP. . Disposition: Report Taken.

10:55 Domestic Disturbance 140818018
Occurred on Lauren Cir, S Vly. RP in the lobby to report ongoing domestic issues at the address between her and her husband. . Disposition: Closed Otherwise.

17:01 Theft (484, 485, 487) 140818030
Occurred at Kmart on Mt Hermon Rd. , S Vly. Adult male in custody for shoplifting being cooperative in the loss prevention office. . Disposition: Arrest Made.

21:57 Injury Accident 140818043
Occurred at Safeway on Mt Hermon Rd. , S Vly. Unknown injury accident, caller disconnected, rolling fire and medical. . Disposition: Report Taken.

13:22 Disturbance 140819022
Occurred at Maya Restaurant on Scotts Valley Dr. , S Vly. Cellular E911 Call:
Service Class: WPH2

Verbal argument between a tow truck driver and driver of another vehicle. Tow truck driver maybe trying to reposses the vehicle.
Subject and his girlfriend requested tow service for a vehicle they are attempting to purchase that developed mechanical problems. A physical altercation occurred between Ladds To driver and male subject when tow driver would not allow male subject's dog in the front seat of tow truck. Tow driver does not want male subject arrested for 242. Tow service left vehicle in parking lot. Subaru with no plates may remain in front of Maya's overnight until private tow can pick it up tomorrow. . Disposition: Closed Otherwise.