Scotts Valley Police Department
Media Bulletin for Tuesday, October 21, 2014

04:51 Hit and Run 1410210003
Occurred at Mt Hermon Rd/Glen Canyon Rd, S Vly. We received a copy of a late-reported 20002 to a Santa Cruz SO vehicle by an unknown black sedan. The incident occurred on 09-28-14. Case number assigned. . Disposition: Report Taken.

07:31 Trespassing 1410210009
Occurred at Santa Cruz Ranch Rv on Disc Dr. , S Vly. WMA in his 30s, 509/heavy set, blu jeans no shirt or shoes. WFA, in her 30s never got out of the vehicle NFD. Subjects are transient, sleep in their vehicle and then shower at the park. RP has asked them on 4 different occasions to leave and not use their facilities. Subjects have left the area now in an unk direction. RP was advised to call when subj are at the park for contact.

IO spoke to the parks staff and advised them to notify this department if the transient subjects return. They requested no action at this time. 602 PC CO. . Disposition: Gone On Arrival / UTL.

10:48 Health & Safety Offense, All Other 1410210024
Occurred on Vine Hill School Rd, S Vly. Cellular E911 Call:
Service Class: W911
RP in a verbal altercation with his landlord. Landlord threw items at RP so he left the residence and is outside in his vehicle.

IOs responded to the listed location for a verbal altercation between the Arrestee and the Reporting Party probationer The (RP) advised that he rented an outdoor storage shed to store his belongings from the (A) for $50 a month. The (A) locked the (RP) out of the shed. During a probation search of the (A)'s residence IO located meth pipes, marijuana, and other paraphernalia. IOs facilitated a civil standby while the (RP) removed his property. The (A) was cited and released with a misdemeanor court date. 11364 H&S and 1203.2 PC. . Disposition: Arrest Made.

14:40 Health & Safety Offense, All Other 1410210030
Occurred at Siltanen Park (Parking Lot) on Vine Hill School Rd. , S Vly. 3rd hand information Yard duty at siltanen ong VW bug with a driver inside, mom saw him smoking marijuana in the vehicle subject is high IFO the Amphitheater.

IO was utl the subject. . Disposition: Gone On Arrival / UTL.

16:24 Driving Under the Influence 1410210035
Occurred at Bank Of America on Scotts Valley Dr. , S Vly. Tan Ford sedan seemed extremely HBD HFA, in her 40s ripped teal shirt with blk bra hanging out and khaki pants . IO was utl the vehicle. NFA. . Disposition: Gone On Arrival / UTL.

07:36 Disturbance 1410220003
Occurred on Scotts Valley Dr, S Vly. Leaf blower in the median. Started around 0700 hours. RP feels that it's a chronic problem. RP does not want officer contact.

IO contacted a subject working on landscaping in the median; No one was seen using a leaf blower. . Disposition: Closed Otherwise.

11:47 Disturbance 1410220013
Occurred on Vine Hill School Rd, S Vly. RP advising that her neighbors fight on a regular basis. RP advising that it is normally verbal. They are not currently fighting. RP wanted to file a "formal complaint". RP feels that there is substance abuse involved and is fearful of her neighbors.

IO spoke with RP regarding her concerns. RP advised that she is attempting to handle the matter with the property management. RP also advised to phone this department when subjects are actively arguing/fighting. NFA. . Disposition: Closed Otherwise.

13:29 Health & Safety Offense, All Other 1410220018
Occurred at Fish Park on Glen Canyon Rd. , S Vly. RP believes that someone was dealing drugs from a vehicle to multiple others. Brown older model 4x4 Toyota truck with a shell over the bed. WMA in his 50's, blondish hair, drove down Mt Hermon towards Felton. Multiple people approached the truck or driver in a short period of time for some type of exchange and then left the park.

IO was utl the vehicle. . Disposition: Gone On Arrival / UTL.

17:13 Theft (484, 485, 487) 1410220026
Occurred at Legend Theatrical on Whispering Pines Dr. , S Vly. Occ'd between 10-21 at 1800 and 10-22 at 0800 hours. No signs of forced entry. Theft of items from a toolbox. Estimated loss of $200-220.
IO responded to the listed location for a report of a theft from a vehicle that occurred over night. The unknown subject(s) attempted to pry off a locking gas cap. The gas cap was broken but prevented the subject from siphoning gas. A tool box attached to the trailer was left unlock and a pintle hitch, tarp, straps, and triangle reflector were taken. Refer report. . Disposition: Report Taken.

17:47 Health & Safety Offense, All Other 1410220028
Occurred at Hacienda Shell on Hacienda Dr. , S Vly. RP believes that subj is under the influence, "all the signs of someone doing meth." Hopping around. Bouncing in her seat as she was driving. Driving was erratic. WFA, dark brown hair in a pony.
Subject is driving a dark grey 2 door. RP does not want officer contact.

IOs responded to Hacienda Shell regarding a report of a subj who appeared to under the influence of a narcotic. IO arrived on scene and noted a female subj near the described vehicle who appeared to have uncoordinated jerking movements consistent with someone who is under the influence of a narcotic. Subj was contacted and agreed to speak with IO and was identified as was found to be on probation with search, it shall also be noted that she consented to a search of the vehicle. The following items were found inside her vehicle, 7.3g of meth and $2200 under the driver seat as well as a meth pipe. was placed through an 11550 evaluation which she failed and given a urine test which tested positive for meth as well as a plethora of other drugs. was arrested for 11377, 11364 & 11550 H&S, a probation hold was placed on and her vehicle was towed from the scene. Refer report. . Disposition: Arrest Made.

15:57 Trespassing 1410230016
Occurred on Bethany Dr, S Vly. RP is with south bay construction. They recently found misc items in a vacant house. RP believes that someone has been squatting at the house. No one is currently there. No vandalism. No signs of forced entry. RP wishes to speak with an officer.

IO contacted RP via telephone. RP just wanted to let the department know that some of the houses on bethany show signs that people have been squatting. RP said the company hopes to have most of the homes demolished in three to four weeks, and private security will be hired in the near future. RP wanted no further action from this department. NFA. . Disposition: Closed Otherwise.

16:25 Domestic Family 1410230020
Occurred on Mt Hermon Rd, S Vly. Cellular E911 Call:
Service Class: WPH2
Verbal only. RP advising that was in a verbal altercations with him and his parents. No weapons in the house. RP is not sure where he went; Believes he is still at the residence. RP believes that he's 11-5.

IOs responded to a report of a subject causing a verbal 415F. IOs were UTL the subject. Family members advised that if he returned and caused another disturbance they would phone this department. NFA. . Disposition: Gone On Arrival / UTL.

20:06 Domestic Family 1410230027
Occurred at Montevalle Mhp on Bean Creek Rd. , S Vly. 22 year daughter is trying to get into RPs house. She is not welcome and is outside yelling. Unk veh description and RP advised that she belives that she may have left. Unk drugs or alcohol, was in rehab in May.

Subj had left prior to IOs arrival, it was determined that no crime was committed and RP will call if subj comes back. . Disposition: Gone On Arrival / UTL.

20:36 Health & Safety Offense, All Other 1410230029
Officer initiated activity at Mt Hermon Rd, Scotts Valley.Out with 3
IO contacted two juveniles in a vehicle in the rear parking lot of 48 Mt Hermon Rd. IO noticed a small amount of marijuana on the back seat next to one of the juveniles. The juveniles and the vehicle were searched, but only the small amount of marijuana was found. One juvenile was cited for 11357(b) HS and they were both released to their parents. Refer report. . Disposition: Arrest Made.

22:44 Disturbance 1410230034
Occurred on Acorn Ct, S Vly. Drk gry unk 4d veh parked in driveway with loud music and subjs dancing outside the vehicle.

IO contacted 3 subjs near the vehicle who advised they were listening to a song they liked on the radio and will be moving along. . Disposition: Closed Otherwise.

00:47 Traffic Stop w Report, Etc., 1410240008
Officer initiated activity at Whispering Pines Dr/Lockewood Ln, Scotts Valley.IO stopped a vehicle for expired registration. Upon contacting the occupants, IO learned one of the occupants was on probation with search and seizure terms. A canine search of the vehicle was made resulting in an alert of possible narcotics in the area of the center console. IO performed a search of the vehicle an located a small amount of marijuana and drug paraphernalia associated with controlled substance use. IO continued search and located a concealed 4 inch dagger near the driver's compartment, 29.9 grams of cocaine in a shoe in the trunk of the vehicle, and .1 gram of methamphetamine in a bag located in the trunk of the vehicle. The driver was interviewed and stated the drugs and dagger belonged to him. The driver was arrested for 11377(a) HS, 21310 PC and 11357(b) HS. . Disposition: Arrest Made.

13:36 PC Code Offense, All Other 1410240027
Occurred on Christel Oaks Dr, S Vly. Rp received a phone call that her grandson was in jail and she needed to pay the bail money. Rp is currently out 500.00

RP received a phone call that her grandson was in jail and needed $500.00 sent via Western Union in order to make bail. RP sent the money and later realized that she had been scammed. . Disposition: Report Taken.

17:24 Vandalism 1410240036
Officer initiated activity at Vine Hill School, Vine Hill School Rd, Scotts Valley. . Disposition: Report Taken.

22:08 Trespassing 1410240048
Occurred at Scotts Valley Mini Storage on Victor Sq. , S Vly. RP is a First Alarm guard advising there is a subj trespassing on the property in a blu Saturn. RP attempted to contact the subj however he is being uncooperative and will not provide RP with identification.

Subj got stuck inside the facility as it was after hours and his gate code did not work. He was let out and will be moving along. Subj was also warned to obey facility hours from this point forward. . Disposition: Verbal Warning.

22:54 Disturbance 1410240051
Occurred on Mt Hermon Rd, S Vly. 415 verbal between 4 subjs occurring for the past 45 minutes. RP advised at some point 1 subj started a chainsaw but put it down. RP believes the subjs are HBD.

IO approached the driveway of a residence that was thought to be related with the call. IO saw two males at the end of driveway, one with what appeared to be a chainsaw. As IO approached, one male subject fled down the hill towards Camp Evers Fishing Park while the subject with the chainsaw was stopped at gun point and ordered to the ground. Officers attempted to find the subject that fled, but were unable to find him. A female subject was located in a vehicle in the driveway. She stated that she and the subject who fled are dating and were in an argument prior to officer’s arrival. She says that her boyfriend fled because he believed he had a warrant. The subjects stated it was merely a verbal disagreement and the chainsaw was actually a hedge trimmer that they were examining. The male agreed to give the female a ride to her residence to prevent further conflict. Officers checked the surrounding area to find the subject, but were unable to locate.

Cellular E911 Call:
Service Class: WPH2. . Disposition: Closed Otherwise.

14:39 PC Code Offense, All Other 1410250014
Occurred at Loganberry Bakery on Camp Evers Ln. , S Vly. Occ'd on the 20th. RP's wife received a call from a subj stating that she was behind on her PG&E bill and needed to pay $419. Owner stated that she did not have that and they compromised on $300. Owner has recently called PG&E because the payment never posted to her account. They advised that they did not call her. RP then realized that they were scammed.

RP advised she received a phone call from someone claiming to represent PG&E regarding an outstanding bill. Subject was advised to purchase a green dot card in the sum of $300 for payment of the outstanding bill. RP followed set of instructions. RP phoned subject and gave him the access card number. RP is currently out $300. Refer to report. . Disposition: Report Taken.

16:59 Disturbance 1410250018
Occurred at Safeway on Mt Hermon Rd. , S Vly. Cellular E911 Call:
Service Class: WPH2
Verbal 415. One group of 10 is still there. Other party has left. RP unsure what the disturbance was regarding.

Subjects caused a 415 in the parking lot by kicking another customer's beer. Both parties left prior to IOs arrival. Employee was able to provide a license plate however IO was UTL the described vehicle. . Disposition: Gone On Arrival / UTL.

20:04 Traffic Stop w Report, Etc., 1410250025
Officer initiated activity at Canada Court, Scotts Valley Dr, Scotts Valley.IO conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle for having a white light to the rear. Upon contacting the driver, it was found that he had a suspended drivers license for drunk driving. A records check of the driver found that he had a warrant for driving with a suspended drivers license. The driver was tested with the PAS and it was determined that he was not under the influence of alcohol. The driver was cited and released for operating a vehicle while suspended and for his misdemeanor warrant. . Disposition: Arrest Made.

22:30 Traffic Stop w Report, Etc., 1410250031
Officer initiated activity at Camp Evers, Scotts Valley Dr, Scotts Valley.IO conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle for expired registration (2002). Upon contacting the driver, he was found to have a suspended drivers license for drunk driving. The driver was cited and released for operating a vehicle while suspended. . Disposition: Arrest Made.

23:26 Disturbance 1410250032
Occurred at Scotts Valley High School on Glenwood Dr. , S Vly. Loud noise coming from SVHS.

SVHS was hosting haunted house event which ended prior to IO being able to respond due to priority detail. . Disposition: Closed Otherwise.

23:29 Battery 1410250033
Occurred at Malones Grande Grille on Scotts Valley Dr. , S Vly. Physical fight in the PL. Parties are separated and 1 subj is attempting to leave the scene.
Service Class: VOIP

IO's responded to a report of a fight in the parking lot of Malone's. It was reported that the parties were separated and one subject was leaving the scene. IO's contacted (SV1) at the scene who advised he was in a verbal altercation with two subjects who were friends with his ex-landlord. (SV1) advised they were arguing about money he owed his ex-landlord and that during the altercation, one of the subjects punched him in the face causing a bump on his forehead. IO noted a bump on (SV1)'s forehead approximately 2 inches in diameter. (SV1) advised he thought the subject who punched him had left the scene with a group of people, and he provided an address where he thought they could be found. IO's responded to the address and contact the subject involved, (SV2) . (SV2) admitted to punching (SV1) in the face, but advised that (SV1) swung first scratching him on the neck. IO noted a scratch approximately 4 inches in length on (SV2)'s neck. IO advised both parties of their right to make a citizens arrest. Both parties stated they would like to pursue charges against the other. (SV1) and (SV2) were arrested and provided a notice to appear. . Disposition: Arrest Made.

02:05 Driving Under the Influence 1410260001
Occurred at Taco Bell on Mt Hermon Rd. , S Vly. Possible DUI driver in the drive through. Veh was driving on shoulder for about a mile on Hwy 17 and swerving.

IO responded to the report of a possible impaired driver that had been seen entering the Taco Bell drive thru in Scotts Valley. IO observed the vehicle exit the Taco Bell drive thru and onto Mt. Hermon Rd. The vehicle then made a Uturn and traveled to Lockhart Gulch Rd. where it made a wide looping turn and crossed over the double yellow lane markers. IO initiated a traffic stop at the Storage Depot parking lot and contacted the driver. The driver was identified by CDL and was found to be on DUI probation with a restricted license permitting only driving to DUI class and her place of employment. IO observed several objective signs of intoxication including slurred speech, bloodshot watery eyes, and an odor of an alcoholic beverage emanating from her person. IO placed her through a series of FST’s during which she exhibited several clues of impairment and multiple tests had to be stopped for her safety. The subject provided and EPAS sample of .22% and .21% BAC and she was arrested and booked at CJ.

Cellular E911 Call:
Service Class: WPH2. . Disposition: Arrest Made.

20:57 Vandalism 1410260030
Officer initiated activity at Carbonero Bridge, Carbonero Wy, Scotts Valley.Graffiti abated on both sides of the bridge. . Disposition: Report Taken.

10:02 Health & Safety Offense, All Other 1410270016
Occurred at Scotts Valley Medical Clinic on El Rancho Dr. , S Vly. Male subject 5411'd in the PL, WMA, in his late 40s bald, blk shirt, in a drk blue toyt sedan, just left he PL NB Sr 17.
The subject left prior to IO's arrival. No further information, IO was UTL. . Disposition: Gone On Arrival / UTL.

11:58 Vandalism 1410270019
Occurred at Togos on Mt Hermon Rd. , S Vly. RP advising that an unk subject cut his motorcycle seats with a knife btwn 0900hrs and 1115hrs today.

An unknown Suspect(s) slashed the seat of the Victim's motorcycle with an unknown cutting instrument No suspect information or evidence was left at the scene. . Disposition: Report Taken.

12:12 Vandalism 1410270020
Occurred at Parks And Rec on Kings Village Rd. , S Vly. Whi Suzuki Arrow no plates the gas cap is off and they believe that someone may have poured something into the gas tank. James requesting a tow.

The Reporting Party (City Employee) believed that some one tampered with the mentioned vehicle at the listed address. The (RP) said the vehicle's fuel door was opened and the gas cap was off. The (RP) believed someone may have poured sugar in the gas tank. IO did not see and signs of tampering or evidence that suggested sugar had been poured in the tank. IO noted the vehicle had an empty tank. The (RP) stated that the vehicle was equipped with an anti-siphon device. Another City Employee advised that the vehicle needed gas last week and believed that the vehicle may not have been re-fueled. . Disposition: Closed Otherwise.

19:42 Theft (484, 485, 487) 1410270045
Occurred at Kmart on Mt Hermon Rd. , S Vly. RP is employee who was asked to call us. Purse stolen within the last half hour. (V) is asking store to look at tapes.

(V) was able to find all of her belongings and did not need our assistance any longer. Report canceled, taken in error. . Disposition: Closed Otherwise.

20:27 Domestic Disturbance 1410270050
Occurred on Whispering Pines Dr, S Vly. Cellular E911 Call:
Service Class: W911

RP calling about soon to be ex who still lives there. Verbally accosting RP for last several days, neg violence. RP is outside, male half is inside. Neg drinking drugs or weapons, hx of DV three years ago.

IO's responded to a report of a verbal 415 at the listed address. IO's arrived on scene, contacted both parties and confirmed that the altercation was verbal only. IO's helped both parties mitigate their indifference for the night. The x-ray decided to stay at a friends house to avoid any further disputes. NFA. . Disposition: Closed Otherwise.

10:21 Vandalism 1410280008
Occurred at Pied Piper Exterminators, Inc on Scotts Valley Dr. , S Vly. 594 to several signs.

IO responded to the listed address for a vandalism report. IO noted that several handicapped signs and a mail box had "X 13" written on them in black ink. The tags were non specific to a "tagger". The Reporting Party advised that they would clean off the ink. The (RP) did not request a Police report. IO spoke to the (RP) about various surveillance measures he could to help identify a suspect. 594 PC CO. . Disposition: Closed Otherwise.